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UPDATED 7-1-14

Available for download is a file that will enable you to put over 2,000 transcripts and slides from Dr. Dean’s Bible studies on your computer for quick access plus the ability to search for key words, doctrines, verses, topics, etc.


This updated file includes new transcripts from 11/1/2013 through 7/1/14.

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2018 Israel Bible Lands Tour

June 4–16, 2018

June 16–19, 2018—Optional Petra extension

A trip to Israel is a phenomenal experience. First, it is a continuous Bible study. You will never, ever read your Bible the same way again. Second, it will open your eyes to current events. You will never, ever read the news or hear the news about the Middle East from the same perspective.

May 14, 2018 marks Israel’s 70th birthday. As we spend 10-1/2 days in Israel, plus an optional three-day extension to Jordan, Mt. Nebo, Petra, and the Negev of Israel, we will visit major biblical sites, we will walk where Old Testament prophets, the disciples, and Jesus walked (we will also float where Jesus walked!). And we will gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

This is a partial study tour to help us better understand the biblical and historical roots of Christianity and the Hebrew Scriptures which find their full meaning in Jesus the Messiah. We will tour archaeological remains, biblical settings, geography, culture, traditions, and other activities. This will be a life-changing experience—in addition to being a fun and enjoyable trip.

The weather will be warm, but should not be hot, though there are always exceptions. Though the political situation may sometimes flare up, we are always very cautious and keep in contact with authorities about what is happening. Sometimes there are conflicts, but usually not where we go. I have been to Israel many times and have never encountered any difficulty or seen anything remotely hostile. Since tourism is Israel’s #1 industry, they protect and watch out for their guests.

The trip will include a fair amount of walking, but usually in short amounts and on smooth pavements. Jerusalem, though, will involve more walking. We have had people from ages 12–78 fully enjoy these trips. We always travel at a pace everyone can handle. I have a tour trip guide I send to everyone who registers which explains more about the trip and what you can expect.

Together we will discover the modern miracle of Israel and learn about the wonders of the State of Israel today. It will be a trip of a lifetime and one you will never forget.

Click here for additional information about this not-to-be missed tour.

Click here for the 2018 Israel Tour brochure.

10 Reasons Why Christdians Should Put a Trip to Israel at the Top of Their “To Do” List!



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