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Daniel (2001)

Daniel (2001)

April 2001 - August 2002

Daniel is a book that gives us a tremendous amount of confidence in God’s control of history and it also teaches us a lot about how a believer can be a success in life, not necessarily financial, material or career success, but success in the spiritual life. A believer can be a success, maintain happiness, stability and tranquility in life without compromising doctrine.

Daniel is a man who did not compromise on anything and God honored him and blessed him and raised him to not only the second highest position in the Babylonian Empire, but once the Persians came in and destroyed the Babylonian Empire Daniel was again elevated to one of the highest positions in the Persian Empire.

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Wed, Apr 25, 2001
Passage: Daniel
Duration: 58 mins 16 secs
Wed, May 02, 2001
Passage: Daniel 1:1-3
Duration: 54 mins 44 secs
Wed, May 16, 2001
Passage: Daniel 1:4-7
Duration: 57 mins 7 secs
Wed, May 23, 2001
Passage: Daniel 1:8-16
Duration: 56 mins 25 secs
Wed, May 30, 2001
Passage: Daniel 1:17-21
Duration: 57 mins 12 secs
Wed, Jun 06, 2001
Passage: Daniel 2:1-13
Duration: 54 mins 38 secs
Wed, Jun 13, 2001
Passage: Daniel 2:14-30
Duration: 51 mins 29 secs
Wed, Jun 20, 2001
Passage: Daniel 2:31
Duration: 55 mins 4 secs
Wed, Jun 27, 2001
Passage: Daniel 2:31
Duration: 58 mins 2 secs
Wed, Jul 04, 2001
Passage: Daniel 2:31
Duration: 54 mins 23 secs