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Watch the following video by Dr. Robert L. Dean Jr., pastor of West Houston Bible Church in Houston Texas as he explains how Dean Bible Ministries can benefit you in your study of the Bible.

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Did you know that Dean Bible Ministries has thousands of individual believers as well as numerous small groups and churches from numerous countries throughout the world, regularly live streaming, viewing, listening and downloading our Bible study material?

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2019 Chafer Conference

The US is currently witnessing an uptick in anti-semitism, especially among leftists, and at the same time the Times of Israel reports a recent study indicating a slight decline in American support for Israel. Every Bible-believing Christian should be informed about the biblical teaching about Israel. These studies will strengthen your understanding of God’s plan for history, Israel, the Church, and your role in it. . . .

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2019 Bible Reading Challenge

biblereadingWhy don’t you make it a personal goal during 2019 to read the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation?

The benefits are tremendous. First, you will begin to understand the historical flow of God’s revelation to you. Second, you will clarify the relationships of different people and events. Third, you will begin to discover many of God’s promises that relate to challenges you are facing. Fourth, it will enhance your understanding of references and allusions made during Bible class. And fifth, it will provide you with a more focused understanding of God’s character.

To accomplish this I recommend picking a specific time of day and always sticking to that time. This might be early in the morning, during your lunch break, on your commute to or from work (or both). You can read or you can listen. Many Bible reading apps are available online for your ...

Latest Classes

  • 06-23-2019
    Ephesians (2018)
    Ephesians (2018)
    032 - Sealed by the Spirit [b]
  • 06-20-2019
    2 Peter (2019)
    007 - What is Christianity? [b]
  • 06-18-2019
    1st and 2nd Samuel (2015)
    1st and 2nd Samuel (2015)
    175 - Leviathan, Tannin, and Rahav - Part 2 [b]
  • 06-16-2019
    Ephesians (2018)
    Ephesians (2018)
    031 - God’s Own Possession [b]
  • 06-13-2019
    2 Peter (2019)
    006 - The Deity of Christ [b]
  • 06-11-2019
    1st and 2nd Samuel (2015)
    1st and 2nd Samuel (2015)
    174 - Leviathan, Tannin, and Rahav - Part 1 [b]