Luke 2:1-40 & Matthew 2:1-18 by Robert Dean
Rather than taking dramatic license to conform scripture to the traditional Christmas story, we would like to look at scripture to get a more literal account of this inspired event. The bottom line is the birth of our Savior, but the Holy Spirit doesn’t squander the words He inspired, so it’s helpful to consider them carefully. God orchestrated this event to take place in the “fullness of time.” What was it about this time that made it “full” and what were some historical events that support this? Was Jesus born in a barn? Was he wrapped in grave clothes? What is in Joseph’s genealogy that prevents him from being Jesus’ father? How old was Jesus when the magi brought gifts? Hear the Christmas story as scripture reveals it. Learn interesting facts surrounding the birth of Jesus and how some may differ from the traditional celebration we have come to accept.
Series:Holiday Specials
Duration:1 hr 4 mins 25 secs