by Robert Dean
Frog-like demons. Devastating earthquakes. Seas turned to blood. Are these fantasy scenes from horror movies? Listen to this lesson to learn that instead of them being the product of someone's imagination, they are actual events in a Biblical description of a future seven-year period called the Tribulation. See that this time is broken into two three-and-a-half year periods when a series of three successive judgments will be unleashed on the earth, including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Hear a vivid, blow-by-blow description of the major players and events which culminate in fierce battles, ending with the campaign of Armageddon where the entire world attempts to destroy Israel. Find out about Jesus Christ's triumphant return to earth to rescue the Jews. Gain comfort from knowing that no matter how bad things seem, we can have confidence knowing that God is always in control.
Series:God's Plan for the Ages - Dispensations (2014)
Duration:1 hr 4 mins 27 secs