by Clay Ward
During this present time of cultural and political division, many, including Christians, wonder if this once great nation can survive. Because most are willfully ignorant of this nation’s historical roots, the bulk of such discussions lack the historical perspective necessary for cogent debate. Regrettably, the greatest knowledge deficit relates to God’s Word, the very area of expertise of our Founding Fathers, who grounded this Republic in the teaching of God’s Word as accurately expounded from many Colonial pulpits. We owe our nation’s very existence to these pastors of different denominational affiliations along the Atlantic coast and the frontier wilderness of the Colonies, men who understood their role in human government and were unafraid to serve publicly as God’s servants and bold communicators of His Truth. Why did these men, in face of great personal danger, choose to teach the biblical principles of governance and civil disobedience and stand firm in those Truths? An understanding of history, human government, and the purpose of God’s gifting to pastors is key to understanding the cause of the original greatness of our country and to regaining the spiritual stability and confidence that sustained our courageous forefathers in their battle for liberty and justice for all. ...
Series:2012 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
Duration:1 hr 19 mins 18 secs