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Galatians 5:16-23 teaches that at any moment we are either walking by the Holy Spirit or according to the sin nature. Walking by the Spirit, enjoying fellowship with God, walking in the light are virtually synonymous. During these times, the Holy Spirit is working in us to illuminate our minds to the truth of Scripture and to challenge us to apply what we learn. But when we sin, we begin to live based on the sin nature. Our works do not count for eternity. The only way to recover is to confess (admit, acknowledge) our sin to God the Father and we are instantly forgiven, cleansed, and recover our spiritual walk (1 John 1:9). Please make sure you are walking by the Spirit before you begin your Bible study, so it will be spiritually profitable.

Robert Dean

Robert Dean

Role: Pastor

Dr. Robert L. Dean, Jr. is pastor of West Houston Bible Church in Houston, Texas.

Before coming to West Houston Bible Church, Dr. Dean was the Pastor of Preston City Bible Church in Preston, Connecticut. Prior to that he had served churches in both the Dallas and Houston, Texas areas and has over 35 years of pastoral experience.

Dr. Dean is a much sought after Bible teacher both in the United States and overseas. He serves on the adjunct faculty of Faith Evangelical Seminary and is the Chairman of the Governing Board for Chafer Theological Seminary.

Dr. Dean trained for the ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned a Th.M. in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies and later returned to pursue a Ph.D. in theological studies with an emphasis in Historical Theology. He also earned an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas (1987) and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Faith Evangelical Seminary (2002). In 1988 he was recognized as an Outstanding Young Man of America, and in 1989 was listed in the Who's Who in American Christian Leadership.

His academic training in Greek, Hebrew, theology, philosophy, and history enables him to study the Bible in the original languages and show how these eternal truths are as vital today as always.

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Tue, Apr 09, 2024
Duration: 1 hr 6 mins 55 secs
How did God communicate what the human race needed to know to live and serve Him? Listen to this message to learn that from Genesis we learn that He spoke, using language that we could understand. Find out that He established memorial days and feasts for the people to observe. See that the creation itself is a form of non-verbal communication of God’s existence. Understand the role the prophets played and see how Israel was to be the custodian of Scripture and spread God’s Word to others.
Thu, Apr 11, 2024
Passage: Philippians 3:8-11 & Romans 3:24-31
Duration: 1 hr 7 mins 50 secs
Redemption. Propitiation. Why do we need to learn about these subjects? Listen to this message to hear these are fundamental truths that help us to understand and appreciate our salvation. Hear the meaning of the key words for each of these terms. Remember that redemption always refers to a price being paid to redeem or purchase something and propitiation expresses God’s satisfaction for Christ’s work on the Cross.
Sun, Apr 14, 2024
Passage: 1 Corinthians 10:13
Duration: 14 mins 40 secs
What should you do when you are tempted or are undergoing a test from God? Our memory verse today reminds us that the tests we face are common to all believers. God, the Holy Spirit indwells us and when we learn God’s Word we can endure those tests no matter what happens in life.
Sun, Apr 14, 2024
Passage: Ephesians 5:15-16 & Galatians 5:25
Duration: 43 mins 50 secs

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual growth of a believer? Listen to this message to learn that a believer’s spiritual life is empowered by both the Word of God and the Spirit of God. See that walking is used to illustrate how we are to live, how we are to think, and how we are to act. See an illustration that pulls all three of these together and find out the results when we walk by means of the Spirit.

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Tue, Apr 16, 2024
Duration: 1 hr 14 mins 13 secs

• Biblical Faith is Related to Gods' Revelation

• Rebellion: The Israelites' Response at Sinai and How God Used it

How did the Israelites react when God gave the His law for them to Moses? Listen to this message to learn how the people grew bored and restless waiting for Moses. As a result they rejected God’s leadership and rebelled against Him. They convinced Aaron to build an idol for them. Find out what a furious Moses did as punishment when he heard this. Then find out how he became an intercessor for the people.

Thu, Apr 18, 2024
Passage: Philippians 3:8-11 & Romans 3:24-31
Duration: 55 mins 34 secs
What happens when we trust in Christ? Listen to this message to see that anyone who trusts in Christ is justified. Find out what forbearance means and how it emphasizes God’s marvelous grace in applying Christ’s death as the payment for the penalty of sin when we trust in Christ. Hear five rhetorical questions that show that both Jew and Gentile are saved by faith alone in Christ alone and not by any works they have done.
Sun, Apr 21, 2024
Passage: Ephesians 3:20-21
Duration: 13 mins 30 secs
Have you ever doubted that God can help you when you need Him? Our memory verse today tells us that God is omnipotent, which means He is all powerful. He does more for us than we can even imagine He can do and we are to give Him glory.
Sun, Apr 21, 2024
Passage: Ephesians 5:18-22 & Isaiah 6:1-4
Duration: 52 mins 32 secs
How should we worship God? Listen to this message that begins a new series on worshiping God biblically. Find out that true worship occurs as a result of being filled with God’s Word by means of the Holy Spirit. Hear how the prophet Isaiah felt when he entered the presence of God and realized God’s majesty and his own sinfulness. Be prepared to see that music is only one facet of worshiping God.
Tue, Apr 23, 2024
Duration: 1 hr 17 mins 1 sec

• Total Destruction was Necessary;

• Total Destruction in God’s War;

• God’s War Foreshadows Eternal Judgment

Why did God command the Israelites to kill every man, woman, and child in the Canaanite people groups? Listen to this lesson to learn that the Canaanites worshiped idols and even sacrificed their own children alive in fire. Hear how God gave them 400 years of grace to change their minds, but they continued to become ever increasingly evil until they had to be destroyed. Understand this foreshadows God’s final judgment on all evil.

Thu, Apr 25, 2024
Passage: Philippians 3:8-11 & Romans 4:1-4
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins 3 secs
Was Abraham declared righteous because he believed God was going to give him a land? Listen to this message to find out that was not the reason he was declared righteous. Believing in God’s plan for our salvation through Christ’s atoning work on the Cross is what saves us, just as it did Abraham. Find out that we cannot impress God with any good works we do, but it is faith alone, in Christ alone, that counts.