Overview of the 2024 Chafer Pastors’ Conference

2024 Chafer Conf Graphic 96The annual Chafer Theological Seminary (CTS) Pastors’ Conference is open to theologians, pastors, students, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible. It is a tremendous opportunity for all attendees to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and to enjoy fellowship with other like-minded believers.

The 2024 Chafer Theological Seminary Pastors’ Conference will take place March 4–6. Each session of the conference will be live streamed.

Registration is now closed. Live streaming will be available for all sessions, plus all sessions will be posted on this website within a day of the conference.

Download the 2024 conference brochure here.

Download a printable version of the conference schedule here.


Israel: Past, Present, and Future

October 7, 2023 is a day that will take its place alongside 9-11 and December 7, 1941—the worst mass murdering of Jewish people since the Holocaust. Initially the vast majority in the world reacted in horror, fully supporting Israel. But before long, and much quicker than many expected, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist rallies and riots and the defacing of synagogues began. Not unlike Kristallnacht 85 years ago brought to the Jewish people by the Nazis.

Many questions have begun to be asked in various quarters.

  • What is the source of this hostility to the Jewish people?
  • Are the Jewish people still God’s chosen people? If so, what significance do these events have?
  • Why are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob special?
  • What is their destiny of promise?
  • How should we as Bible-believing Christians respond?
  • What does the Bible teach about their future in His plan?

These and other questions will be addressed by the incredible group of speakers that will come together for this year’s Chafer Seminary Pastors’ Conference. Our prayer is that you will be informed, enriched, challenged, and blessed this year.

We're looking forward to you joining us!