Speakers for 2019 Conference

jewish torah scroll cropThe 2019 Chafer Bible Conference (March 11–13) will feature twelve presentations by Steven Ger and Dr. Allen P. Ross.

The Old Testament is a wealth of foundational doctrinal information. From enormous sections of unfulfilled prophecy which are foundational to our eschatology, to vital Messianic prophecies central to Christology, our two keynote speakers this year will focus on two vital fields of study for us.

Steven Ger grew up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn, NY and Aberdeen, NJ, where he was educated in both church and synagogue due to his distinctive heritage as a Jewish Christian.

He is an adjunct professor of Jewish Studies at Criswell College, and has lectured at Dallas Theological Seminary and taught at Tyndale Seminary. He earned a BA in psychology and interpersonal communications from Trenton State College (The College of New Jersey) and a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary. Steven currently serves as Senior Pastor at Messianic congregation Beth Sar Shalom in Plano, Texas.

He is the founder and director of Sojourner Ministries, an organization dedicated to exploring the Jewish heart of Christianity.

Steven will address the topic, “Does the Hebrew Old Testament Prophesy a Messiah?” The answer to this may seem obvious, but there are intense debates about this and the extent of this prophecy among scholars. He will address this in six sessions.

Dr. Allen P. Ross is Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Beeson Divinity School and has taught Hebrew grammar to seminary students for over thirty years. He served as translator and editor of the New King James Version and commented on Genesis and Psalms in the Bible Knowledge Commentary. His educational background includes:

  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge
  • Th.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary
  • B.A., Biblical Studies, Bob Jones University

Dr. Ross has contributed numerous articles to scholarly journals. Previously, he taught at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry and Dallas Theological Seminary, and served as director of the Christian Leadership Center, Tallahassee, FL.

Dr. Ross will take us through some key Scriptures to teach important principles of exegesis and then show how to transfer those conclusions to teaching the Old Testament. Students as well as seasoned pastors will learn a tremendous amount from Dr. Ross’ exposition. Although this sounds like it might be of interest only to those who are teachers, it will also challenge and inform anyone who wants to study and learn the Bible. Dr. Ross will teach six sessions.

We are certain to all come away with a much greater understanding and appreciation for the Hebrew Scriptures from this year’s conference.

Keynote and Daytime Speakers

Steven Ger

Steven Ger
Founder and Director of Sojourner Ministries

Allen Ross

Dr. Allen P. Ross
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

   Note: Schedule is subject to change