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In the coming tribulation period, the antichrist will rule the entire world from his headquarters located in the literal, rebuilt city of Babylon on the Euphrates River found in modern day Iraq. Not only have numerous Christians throughout church history embraced this view, but it has also been incorporated into the best selling Left Behind series. The question is whether such a view can be successfully defended from Scripture. It is the purpose of this article to demonstrate that it can. This article will survey various lines of biblical evidence that call for a futuristic, literal Babylon. These lines of evidence include Gen 10–11, Isa 13–14, Jer 50–51, Zech 5:5-11, and Rev 17–18. After this evidence has been presented, this article will then highlight the inadequacy of other approaches that view the prophecies regarding Babylon as something other than the literal city of Babylon. ...
Series:2009 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
Duration:1 hr 2 mins 48 secs