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2018 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference

2018 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference

March 2018

Understanding Islam

Islam has spread throughout the Western world in ways unimagined 40 years ago. During this time, jihadism has made Islamic terrorism normative. Yet, there are vast numbers of business and political leaders as well as church leaders who continue to speak of Islam as only a religion of peace. Some churches even include interfaith forums between Christians and Moslem leaders creating much controversy. With the rise of Islam today, what must the Christian know about this religion? What is their view of sin, salvation, and Jesus? What is their view of the future? What mandates about the world and the future are found in the Koran and the Hadith? Can there be detente between Islam and Christianity? What are the political realities of Islamic law called Shariah, and how is that impacting European countries and the United States and Canada?

To address these vital questions Chafer Seminary invited Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity as a young adult to help us understand the truth about Islam and the direction of modern Islamic movements. It is vital for Bible-believing Christians to be informed for the dual purpose of evangelism, as well as the political and civil decisions that must be made in relation to Islamic immigration.

This was the major focus of the conference this year. Eight sessions were devoted to the study of Islam. The other sessions focused on some vital studies of God’s Word where we were refreshed by the eternal truths of the Scripture. The following topics were discussed:

Bruce Baker: The Knowledge of God: The Starting Point for Apologetics. Romans 1:18–21

Bob Bolender: 1,000 Generations of the Dispensation of “The Fullness of Times”

Charles Clough: Interactive Session on Chafer Theological Seminary and You

Craig Northcott: The Local Church’s Role in Government

Andy Woods: 2 Thessalonians 2:3a: Spiritual Apostasy? Or Rapture?

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Wed, Mar 14, 2018
Series: 2018 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins 57 secs
Wed, Mar 14, 2018
Series: 2018 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
Duration: 1 hr 7 mins 43 secs
Wed, Mar 14, 2018
Passage: Matthew 28:16-20
Series: 2018 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
Duration: 1 hr 15 mins 15 secs
For additional information and resources by Shahram Hadian visit the Truth In Love Project website.
Click for the “How Do You Reach a Muslim for Jesus Christ?” video.