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A Mini-Series is a small subset of lessons from a major series which covers a particular subject or book. The class numbers will be in reference to the major series rather than the mini-series.

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Conferences are typically sessions recorded during a specially scheduled event typically featuring a keynote speaker but not limited to only one speaker. Conferences often feature a series of different speakers such as the annual Chafer Theological Seminary Pastors’ conferences. 

2007 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
March 2007

Understanding the Muslim Mind

Conference materials for the 2007 Chafer Theological Seminary annual Pastor's Conference held at West Houston Bible Church. The theme for the 2007 conference was Understanding the Muslim Mind and featured Keynote speaker Pat Cate and special guest speaker Walid Shoebat, a former Islamic terrorist who converted to Christianity. Other speakers at the conference included Dave Anderson, Charles Clough, Tommy Ice, Ron Merryman, Jim Myers, Tim Nichols, Mark Perkins, and Mike Thompson. The dates of the conference were March 19-21, 2007.

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July 2006

The Summer New England Bible Conference topic was Jerusalem. This short series was taught at Preston City Bible Church July 18-21, 2006, shortly after Dr. Dean returned from a tour to Israel.

April 2006

How does the Holy Spirit guide the believer? To what degree is the Holy Spirit involved in everyday decision making? In this series, Dr. Dean answers these questions and distinguishes between the view consistently presented throughout scripture concerning the Holy Spirit's leading and guiding ministry in the believer's life and today's scripturally unsupported but popular mystical view.

The 2006 Spring New England Bible Conference was held at the Preston City Bible Church, April 5-7, 2006.

2006 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
March 2006

Conference materials for the 2006 Chafer Theological Seminary annual Pastor's Conference. It was hosted by West Houston Bible Church from March 13-16, 2006. Speakers at the conference include Charles Clough, John Cross, Robert Dean, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Ron Merryman, Tim Nichols, and Mike Thompson.

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April 2005 - May 2005

Israel: Past, Present, and Future - 3-Day Prophecy Conference

Chafer Theological Seminary Distinctives

It’s been observed that many church and seminary doctrinal statements do not always provide a clear portrait of the focus of an institution. Philosophies of ministry differ widely in groups with identical doctrinal positions. To further clarify the nuances of the Chafer Seminary focus, we have on our website our distinctives. But even that needs further clarification. Over the years, we have dedicated many of our conferences to further enhance our understanding of these distinctives.

One of our most significant distinctives is that of the sufficiency of Scripture, a phrase, unfortunately open to wide interpretation. One area in which we apply this is in the area of creation. We believe God’s Word is sufficient for informing us of how and when God created. We do not hold to views which compromise with current popular models of an old-earth creation. Our keynote speaker is addressing many issues related to creation.

Another distinctive is in the area of the Christian life. We hold to a distinctive, dispensational framework for understanding the spiritual life, experiential sanctification, in this dispensation. Two of this year’s presentations focus on aspects of this distinctive.

A third distinctive is a premillennial, pretribulational, classic dispensational view of God’s plan for history. This year four presentations will help refine our understanding of this distinctive.