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Access the latest Bible classes

On the home page there are three graphics that link to the on-going Bible classes. Click on the appropriate graphic to go to the page that features the latest Bible classes for that series.

NOTE: If you're not able to find the class you're looking for after you selected one of the main graphics, please click on News in the menu bar. The three most recent classes are listed in the left column under Latest Classes. The most recent class will be listed at the top of that list. The day following the teaching of the class there will also be a "news story" in the middle column with a brief description of the class as well as a link to where you can listen and/or view the class. (Additional information available below).

On-going studies are organized with the most recent class displaying at the top of the page.


For each class you'll find links to view the video (Video: watch), listen to the audio (Audio: listen), download the MP3 audio file (Audio: download), view/download the slides (Transcript: slides), and for some of the more recent classes, the transcript for the class (Transcript: read).


At the top of the page you'll also find a link to sign up for the audio podcast for that series and/or to order DVDs of the classes.


On the right side of the page there is a convenient Share button that enables you to share the class via email or social media sites.

Top menu bar:  Top Menu Bar

Another method to access the latest classes is to select News from the top menu bar on any website page. On the News page there is a column on the left side that has links to the three most recent classes taught by Dr. Dean. Click the watch or listen links to go to the class you desire. Or, if the class was taught within the last two weeks, you can find it listed in the "news clips" in the middle column of the page.


Top menu bar: 

Yet another method to find the latest Bible classes is to select Bible Studies from the top menu bar on any website page. A new page will appear that includes Gospel and Christian life information. In the left column under Bible Studies Menu click on On-Going Studies and then select the series you're interested in by clicking on the icon or the series name. You will now be able to peruse the page(s) for that series to find the lesson you want to access. Use the navigation icons at the bottom of the page to navigate to other classes within that series.


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