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"What's new on the Dean Bible Ministries website?"

In addition to our new look and feel, we've added many new features to help enhance your study of the Bible.

The top menu bar will be your key navigation tool for the website.

For each Bible class you will now find conveniently grouped together all resources pertaining to the class including the video which you can watch online (Video: watch), the audio file which you can listen to online (Audio: listen), the ability to download the MP3 audio file by right clicking on the download link (Audio: download), the slides which can be viewed online with a left mouse-button click or downloaded with a right mouse-button click (Transcript: slides) (when available), and for some of the more recent classes, the transcript for the class (Transcript: read). You can also share this Bible class with your friends or on social media with the Share link on the right side.


At the top of each series page you'll find a link to subscribe to a podcast (see the help file for Podcasts for more information) for that series as well as a link to order series DVDs.


Scripture pop-ups have been added to Bible references throughout the website. Just hover your cursor over the Bible passage and a pop-up window will appear that contains the Scripture.


Under the Bible Studies tab on the menu bar at the top, click on Index in the left column under Bible Studies Menu to be taken to an index of topics taught by Dr. Dean (this is a work in process as we continue to populate the website). Click on the word in the index and you'll see the messages that discuss that topic. You can then watch, listen to, or read about the subject from the option(s) presented.


This new site also has a built-in search engine. You can access the robust Search feature from the top menu bar. Enter the keyword(s) or passage of interest and press Enter (Return). Then select the class(es) that feature the search topic you entered.

Select hymns that we sing at Sunday worship service are available under the Downloads tab from the top menu bar. You can also find doctrines, Dr. Dean's conference papers, class handouts, transcript collections, or other materials Dr. Dean references in this section. Most files give you the ability to preview the file or download it to your computer.

Enjoy your visit to the new Dean Bible Ministries website! Please take time to explore the many features of this site that will enhance  your study of the Bible.