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Live stream a Bible class

From the top menu bar, select Live Stream. When the Live streaming page appears, click on Play in the Live Broadcast window.


You can also click on the right triangle on the lower left of the window to play the live stream video/audio. Click the two vertical parallel lines to pause the live stream video/audio.


Note that you can change the volume level and enlarge the video to full screen with the buttons on the lower right of the window. The Share option currently does not work. If you've unsuccessfully tried to share the live stream video, please refresh your page to begin the live stream again (PC: F5, Mac: Cmd: R, or click on Refresh by the Play button).

If you'd like to catch a Bible class while you're on the go, you can now also live stream Bible classes on your smart phones and tablets, including Apple iPhones, iPads as well as Android-based devices.

You must have the latest Adobe Flash player installed for the live stream to play.


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