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Idan Peysahovich

Idan Peysahovich

Role: Guest speaker

Idan is currently an advisor to the Russian-speaking Jewry unit as well as the Aliyah and Absorption unit at The Jewish Agency For Israel. Presently based out of Miami, one of his most pressing projects is working on initiatives which are helping to develop new programs to
broaden and expand all aspects of The Jewish Agency For Israel in the Former Soviet Union.

Prior to his role as advisor, Idan held several positions while participating in The Jewish Agency’s Schlihim program. Idan was the head of The Jewish Agency office in St. Petersburg, The Agency’s regional director for Central Asia States and managed The Agency’s office in
Kiev, Ukraine. Idan began his involvement with The Jewish Agency for Israel as a summer camp counselor in the Former Soviet Union and from there, his first experience with shlichim was in New York for the Russian-speaking Jewish community.

Idan has been involved with The Agency in many capacities—he has worked hard at initiating, developing, and executing projects and programs aimed toward reaching out to and inspiring young people in Jewish communal life. “TELEM” is among the many programs Idan was involved with that worked to create leadership development for the russian-speaking youth of New York and March of the Living groups (study of Holocaust of European Jewry). In 2008 Idan had the opportunity to participate in a rescue mission with The Jewish Agency For Israel. This mission helped to bring over 600 Jews from Georgia to safety in Israel. He was also able to assist in establishing a relief camp for the new olim.

Following his military service Idan went onto Tel-Aviv University where he received degrees in: geography and human environment as well as history of Africa and the Middle East. He worked as a first class flight attendant for El-AL before finding his way to The
Jewish Agency where he has been for almost 15 years.

Sat, Sep 10, 2016
Series: Israel Today: Understanding Critical Issues Conference (2016)
Duration: 53 mins 52 secs