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How Should We Then Vote? (2020)

How Should We Then Vote? (2020)

May 2020 - October 2020

There is so much division and hostility today in America. When it comes to voting, there is even more. This is not how it should be. We should and must come to an understanding of what the foundational issues are and learn to have discussions about those issues without throwing bricks or grenades.

In this new series we will look at what the Bible teaches about nations, governing, and governance. Along the way we will also explore what the Founding Fathers of this nation believed and why that is still vital and significant today.

As always, our focus will be on God's Word. God is not an American, an Israeli, Chinese, Russian, or any other ethnic group. He is neither Republican nor Democrat, but He has revealed key principles in His Word for how a nation can be righteous and just, successful and blessed, as well as how a nation can self-destruct.

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Thu, Oct 01, 2020
by Robert Dean
Series: How Should We Then Vote? (2020)
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 53 secs

What is Communism/Marxism and how is it antibiblical? Listen to this lesson to learn how Communism/Marxism began and what its worldview is. Hear a list of books that will help in further study and find out what Karl Marx, the founder of Communism/Marxism, taught. See a chart of the differences between Christianity with its Divine Institutions and Communism/Marxism and find out the meaning of liberation theology.

Links to the books Dr. Dean refers to during this class are available in the slide file.