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Romans 8:1 by Robert Dean
Romans 8, one of the greatest chapters in the New Testament, needs to be understood with Galatians 5. Both pertain to the spiritual life. These truths which point out the profound advantages we have in the dispensation of the Church are learned through a growth process requiring study of scripture and conscience application. What is the progression Paul follows from Romans 6 that leads us to the believers’ relationship to the Law in the Church Age and the gift we have that emancipates us from the Law? Chapter 8 focuses on the Holy Spirit as the means to live the Christian life. What is the history behind some translations’ inclusion or exclusion of the second half of Romans 8:1? Does the word “condemnation” apply to justification or temporal punishment? What was the source Jesus used in His life that empowered Him to fulfill the Law and become our pattern for living the spiritual life?
Series:Romans (2010)
Duration:58 mins 37 secs