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Romans 8:9-11 by Robert Dean
Is it true that the sin nature is just as powerful in the believer as in the unbeliever? According to different theologies, a “big” sin either makes you lose your salvation, or, if you commit one, you were never saved in the first place. Is there truth in either? See the two types of believers in Romans 8 who are conflicted between the Spirit and the flesh. How do they succeed or fail? When Paul teaches the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, is that indwelling applied to a corporate body, the Church, or does it apply to the individual believer? Learn the difference between permanent sanctification in “indwelling” and temporal volition in “filling.” Were believers in the Old Testament ever permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit? What were the conditions of their “filling?”
Series:Romans (2010)
Duration:1 hr 3 mins 45 secs