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Romans 8:17-18 by Robert Dean
Suffering is inevitable in the Devil’s world. Suffering isn’t just the agony of a catastrophic event. It includes the spectrum of difficulties in life from annoyances more evident when we’re weary, to those major assaults that wipe us out for long periods. Our response to suffering is the issue, beginning with recognition of God’s authority, encouragement and application of scripture, and possibly a change in behavior. Become familiar with the ten categories of suffering through illustrations of each in scripture. Understand that suffering isn’t always a result of sin, but in all cases it is the hand of a loving God steering a beloved child toward a course of His choosing, to exalt Himself and to protect us through righteous living in time and the expectation of incomparable glory in eternity.
Series:Romans (2010)
Duration:1 hr 3 mins 12 secs