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Genesis 10-11 by Ray Mondragon

Most world almanacs list 193 independent countries in the world. Linguist John Oller Jr. claims that there are 6912 distinct languages with 94 different language families in the world today. Where did all these nations and these many languages come from? The answer to this question is unknown to the secular world. Their best explanation is that all these must have come as a result of many years of evolutionary development. But the best answer is given to us by revelation, the account of Babel in Genesis 11.

The secular world does not view the account of the Tower of Babel as historical. Even most believers do not consider Babel as important as other major events, particularly in the book of Genesis. However, like the Flood and the Fall of mankind, the impact of Babel continues to influence our world even today. In fact, Babel has far-reaching implications. Babel explains the origin of national entities as well as our struggles to communicate with those from other cultures. I am reminded of this each year that I go to Ukraine to teach. Without a translator, I am close to useless there.

Series:2016 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
Duration:1 hr 13 mins 22 secs