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A Mini-Series is a small subset of lessons from a major series which covers a particular subject or book. The class numbers will be in reference to the major series rather than the mini-series.

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Matthew 8:1-9:38 by Robert Dean
If you appreciate true accounts about famous people, you'll enjoy the wealth of information Matthew offers about the life of Jesus Christ. Listen to this lesson to learn how Christ fulfilled what was prophesied in the Old Testament about the coming Messiah. Gain an overview of the significance of the order Matthew chose to list Jesus' miracles. Understand the appeal Jesus made to His followers to become disciples and how He detailed the cost involved. See that for us, as well as for the people who lived in that day, discipleship means being willing to sacrifice everything, including our comfort and our security. The mobile app that Dr. Dean mentioned at the beginning of the class is called and is available for free from the Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store. It offers the spoken Bible in over 800 languages.
Series:Matthew (2013)
Duration:55 mins 23 secs