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Messages with tag - John

Bible Study Methods (2013)
Sun, Oct 13, 2013
by Robert Dean
Series: Bible Study Methods (2013)
Duration: 44 mins 10 secs
Hendricks, Living By the Book, chapters 7-8

Observation exercises on John 20:31

Handout mentioned during the class - The Cruciality of Structure

Bible Study Methods (2013)
Sun, Oct 13, 2013
by Robert Dean
Series: Bible Study Methods (2013)
Duration: 51 mins 44 secs
Observation exercises on John 20:31. Learning to observe the text.

Hendricks, Living By the Book, chapters 7-8

Read Hendricks, Living by the Book, chapters 9-11.
Read the entire book of James every day.
Write an additional 25 observations on James 1:19.
Do Exercises #5 and #6 in the Living By the Book Workbook.

Matthew (2013)
Sun, Dec 15, 2013
by Robert Dean
Passage: Matthew 4:17-25
Series: Matthew (2013)
Duration: 52 mins 9 secs
Do you picture disciples as somehow being bathed in a holy glow? Listen to this lesson to learn what being a disciple actually means and how it's a possibility for all believers. Analyze the difference between being a casually curious student of the Bible or becoming profoundly committed to studying and applying the Word of God. Realize that while salvation is a free gift, discipleship always involves a cost that can't be sugar-coated. If you're ready to come on-board, accept that a disciple's life isn't always going to be smooth sailing but that it's ultimately a life of great gain.
2014 Disciple Makers Multiplied (DM2)
Thu, Sep 18, 2014
by Bret Nazworth
Series: 2014 Disciple Makers Multiplied (DM2)
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 43 secs
Religious and Cultural Developments. Pages 10B-15E of the Student Manual.