Jude 5 by Robert Dean
God judges the unbelief of unbelievers AND unbelieving believers. Jude is addressing believers in the church about unbelieving false teachers who have invaded their church and challenges them to defend the faith. Identify Jude’s description of them throughout this book that proves they are unbelievers. Understand the three phases of “saving” for the believer and how it can relate to deliverance, specifically the Passover event. Understand why God judged the unbelief of most of the twelve sent to spy out the Land before entering it and how this resulted in God's judgment of an entire generation of believers. God will forgive and forgive, but a time comes when strongholds of unbelief result in consequences for the believer.
Series:Jude (2012)
Duration:1 hr 1 mins 12 secs