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Romans 7 by Andy Woods
This paper will argue that one’s understanding of practical sanctification is profoundly impacted by how one views the “I” in Romans 7:7-25. Specifically, the paper will argue that the “I” in Romans 7 is Paul, and in verses 14-25 Paul is reflecting upon his post conversion experience. In addition, the paper will maintain that a post conversion view of Romans 7:14-25 leads to a dual nature view of the believer. This view teaches that although the believer has a new nature that he received at conversion, his Adamic nature still exists within him and continues to tempt him to return to his former sinful lifestyle throughout the course of this life. Finally, the paper will contend that viewing believers through the lenses of the dual nature view shapes one’s understanding of practical sanctification in several important ways. ...
Series:2011 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference
Duration:1 hr 20 mins 46 secs