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May 2014

These three Bible classes are based on the paper that Dr. Dean presented at the 2013 Pre-Trib Rapture Study Group. Click here to view his paper.

Video DVDs of these lessons can be ordered here and here.

Thu, May 08, 2014
Series: Zionism
Duration: 58 mins 4 secs
Is the rise of the modern state of Israel just a chance happening in history or is it a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? Listen to this lesson to learn the fascinating history of both Jewish and Christian Zionism and how they are intertwined. Learn about the two stages of the restoration of Israel. Follow the three hundred years preceding the establishment of modern Israel which led to the fulfillment of the dreams of the Zionists. See how all of God's promises to Israel will be fulfilled in the future just as today we can rely on His promises to us.
Tue, May 27, 2014
Series: Zionism
Duration: 1 hr 4 mins 25 secs
Should Christians help Jews return to Israel to hasten the Second Coming of Christ? Listen to this lesson to learn how this erroneous belief came into being and whether conversion of the Jews is a main goal. Learn about the major players in both Jewish and Christian Zionism and their interdependence. See how Napoleon was thought by many to be the anti-Christ although he was an advocate of the restoration of Israel. Be responsive to the challenge of learning how the stage was set for the restoration of the state of Israel and how it was not something that happened by chance but was orchestrated by the hand of God.
Thu, May 29, 2014
Series: Zionism
Duration: 58 mins 11 secs
Was the restoration of the modern state of Israel the result of a sinister conspiracy? Listen to this lesson to continue the time line of both Jewish and Christian Zionists. See how they were both interconnected and intertwined at strategic points in history to move the events forward. Continue hearing about the major players and the significant political events that occurred. See how God works behind the scenes and that His plan for the Jewish people will be fulfilled in spite of all the opposition.